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clay refractoriesOld Hickory Clay Company produces a range of high quality ball clays for a variety of refractory applications. There are specific selections available for the manufacture of refractory brick including IFB and high alumina super duty type formulations. Our ball clay selections also include suitable choices for the production of castables, gunning mixes, plastics, and ramming mixes. In addition, established selections exist for producing molten metal filters, refractory washes, and cordierite refractory shapes produced by extrusion or casting. Our refractory clays are noted for their high alumina content, low iron oxide and total alkali contents. They provide high plasticity and strength characteristics to the wide range of refractory products produced.

Popular selections include:

M-23 No. 5 No. 1 glaze    
Taylor MCB-11      

Specific grades can also be recommended for any of the vast variety of refractories produced utilizing high quality ball clay.
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