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Having two fully functional plant locations assures that our customer's shipments are highly likely to be uninterrupted. Select a location below to view clay descriptions and product data sheets.

Kentucky Clays

red truck & loaderIn the far western end of Kentucky, Old Hickory Clay Company operates several mines and holds additional reserves of some of the finest ball clays in the United States. From exceptionally low organic, high kaolonite, white clays such as our No. 5 to the high modulus, illitic clay such as M-44.

The clay activity occurs in three counties; Graves, Hickman and Carlisle. Old Hickory Clay Company headquarters is located in Hickory, Kentucky, just north of Mayfield, Kentucky and 18 miles south of Paducah, Kentucky.

Tennessee Clays

Yellow LoaderIn the heart of "ball clay country" USA, Old Hickory Clay Company has its production plant, office and quality control lab in Gleason, Tennessee. The nature of our Tennessee clay ranges from highly plastic to extremely course.

Ball clay mining occurs primarily in Weakley county Tennessee with some activity in Henry county. Gleason is 129 miles northeast of Memphis, Tennessee

and 136 miles west of Nashville, Tennessee.

M&M Clays, Inc.

Kaolin MineOld Hickory also offers slurry and air floated kaolins from M&M Clays, Inc. Kaolins are available in both coarse and fine grained products. In addition to their fully processed products, M&M Clays, Inc. also offer both shredded and semi-processed clays.

M&M Clays kaolin products are shipped from McIntyre, Georgia. McIntyre, Georgia is 30 miles east of Macon, Georgia.




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